These sessions will encourage your church to have a biblically-centered worldview of their finances in saving, giving, and spending. Each session is packed with practical financial principles and applications drawn directly from scripture.

Stewardship Sunday

1-3 Messages

Biblical messages that emphasize what God has to say about how we save, spend, and give our money. We walk deliberately verse by verse to explain and practically apply important Bible principles about money management.


Stewardship Weekend

Saturday: 2 Sessions + Q&A Time

Sunday: 1-3 Messages

A weekend packed with both biblical and practical teaching on finances

Practical sessions on Saturday on topics like budgeting, investing, end of life planning, legacy giving, saving money, and more

Biblical messages on Sunday that emphasize what God has to say about how we save, spend, and give our money.




In addition to the teachings sessions, some churches request the option of offering 1-on1 financial consultations for their staff or church members. These appointments will be confidential and an opportunity to answer financial questions and offer biblically-centered financial advice for individuals or couples.

Image by Scott Graham

- Teaching sessions are 35-40 minutes in length

- Each teaching session includes a prepared keynote presentation and audience handouts 

- The "Managing God's Money" and "Managing God's Money Plus" series are designed to be covered over the course of a weekend. 

*Note* We do not use these sessions to promote or solicit any business. This series is an outlet for me to share the passion and financial knowledge God has given me to help the church.